1996_empathy-for-un#22ECAAF 1997_Weathercasters '97 1997_habitrail 1998_Honorable Mention 1998_The Ghost of H#2216918
1996_empathy-for-un#22ECAAF.jpg 1997_Weathercasters '97.jpg 1997_habitrail.jpg 1998_Honorable Mention.jpg 1998_The Ghost of H#2216918.jpg
1998_Uncle Sam /Old Yeller 1999_Mary Lou 1999_Minifans 2001_Drifter 2002_Octopus
1998_Uncle Sam /Old Yeller.jpg 1999_Mary Lou.jpg 1999_Minifans.jpg 2001_Drifter.jpg 2002_Octopus.jpg
2002_Radioland 2002_Realm of the Lair 2004_A Little Coy 2004_Bernie Circuits 2004_Homage to Bett#221690B
2002_Radioland.jpg 2002_Realm of the Lair.jpg 2004_A Little Coy.jpg 2004_Bernie Circuits.jpg 2004_Homage to Bett#221690B.jpg
2004_Legend 2004_Nuptron 4000 2005_No She Didn't 2005_So Fresh 2005_little-bitches
2004_Legend.jpg 2004_Nuptron 4000.jpg 2005_No She Didn't.jpg 2005_So Fresh.jpg 2005_little-bitches.jpg
2005_miss-lady 2006_Nutz 2007_Calvin on Calvin 2007_Foneboners 2007_Lummox
2005_miss-lady.jpg 2006_Nutz.jpg 2007_Calvin on Calvin.jpg 2007_Foneboners.jpg 2007_Lummox.jpg
2007_Restraining Order 2007_Western Exhibi#2216913 2008_Abe's Song 2010_Blue Meanies 2010_Blue Meanies 2
2007_Restraining Order.jpg 2007_Western Exhibi#2216913.jpg 2008_Abe's Song.jpg 2010_Blue Meanies.jpg 2010_Blue Meanies 2.jpg
2010_Blue Meanies 3 2010_Blue Meanies 4 2010_Blue Meanies 5 2010_Hey Fuckface! 2010_Neighbor
2010_Blue Meanies 3.jpg 2010_Blue Meanies 4.jpg 2010_Blue Meanies 5.jpg 2010_Hey Fuckface!.jpg 2010_Neighbor.jpg
2010_The Dean 2010_The Dean detail 2010_To Denounce th#22168FB 2013_ Phony Home 1 detail 2013_Benjamin Benjamin
2010_The Dean.jpg 2010_The Dean detail.jpg 2010_To Denounce th#22168FB.jpg 2013_ Phony Home 1 detail.jpg 2013_Benjamin Benjamin.jpg
2013_Benjamin Benjamin 2 2013_Heartlight 2013_In Dreams 2013_Phony Home 1 2013_S S Detritus
2013_Benjamin Benjamin 2.jpg 2013_Heartlight.jpg 2013_In Dreams.jpg 2013_Phony Home 1.jpg 2013_S S Detritus.jpg
2013_S S Detritus detail 2013_Treehuggers 2013_Treehuggers detail 2013_Trip Ship 2015_All Po-Pos Go #22168E5
2013_S S Detritus detail.jpg 2013_Treehuggers.jpg 2013_Treehuggers detail.jpg 2013_Trip Ship.jpg 2015_All Po-Pos Go #22168E5.jpg
2015_All Po-Pos Go #22168E6 2015_Chi Town Mani-Pedi 2016_Up Dog Redux    
2015_All Po-Pos Go #22168E6.jpg 2015_Chi Town Mani-Pedi.jpg 2016_Up Dog Redux.jpg